Empty Rooms (The Krebs and Robey Casefiles) by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Empty Rooms (The Krebbs and Robey Casefiles) - Jeffrey J. Mariotte


When ex-cop and true crime aficionado Richie Krebs interrupts an act of vandalism at an abandoned house, his curiosity gets the better of him, and he uncovers a clue that spins a cold case in a dark new direction, and places Richie in an uneasy alliance with Detective Frank Robey of the Detroit PD.....a man obsessed with bringing a missing little girl home. Together, they will go off the grid, as they try to solve a mystery that holds a darkness neither expected, one that leaves it's mark from the shattered remains of Detroit, across the country and back again

A taut, fast paced thriller that delivers in spades, a work of solid suspense, white knuckle twists, breakneck action and believable characters who are full fleshed and engagingly human. The duo of Krebs and Robey are a refreshing addition to the mystery scene and I look forward to reading more about them.

Mr. Mariotte has truly outdone himself.

Highly recommended.