We Are All Completely Fine by Daryl Gregory

We Are All Completely Fine - Daryl Gregory

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5 people.
Their lives shattered by unspeakable evil, physically, emotionally and psychologically tortured and broken.
Survivors, gathered together in group therapy, in the hope of healing some of the wounds they carry.....only to discover that what has scarred them were not separate, random acts of the unthinkable, but a predestined web of atrocities, woven by nameless horrors from "outside" reality....horrors they must face again, to stop a threat beyond imagining. A threat that may only be the first salvo in a war no one knows is being waged against humanity.
This novella is mindboggling in it's scope, a too brief glimpse into a "mythos" as staggering as Lovecraft's. The seed from which a thousand nightmares can spring, an unexplored jungle of imagination that bodes well for stalwart explorers of horror!

Highly recommended!