Arkadium Rising (Brother's Keeper #1) by Glen Krisch

Arkadium Rising - Glen Krisch


Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of the post apocalyptic genre. To be honest, it began and ended for me with Richard Matheson's brilliant I AM LEGEND.

And then, along comes Glen Krisch. I have been a fan of the man's writing since I first read WHERE DARKNESS DWELLS. Now, I will happily follow him wherever his writing takes me. He's that good and getting better with every word he writes.

This tale is no exception, concerning two brothers, separated by all the usual things that come between siblings.....and a doomsday cult with a hands on approach to the Final Days, and a chilling vision of a bleak future for the human race.

Brimming over with spot-on characterizations, all the thrills and chills anyone could ask for, and the promise of more coming, this novel is a must-have for anyone who enjoys excellent writing.

Highest possible recommendation!

Expected publication: December 5th 2014 by JournalStone