Plague of Gulls by Stephen Gregory

Plague of Gulls - Stephen Gregory

Life is harder for the lonely souls in this world. The little things, the small difficulties we all face every day are just a little larger, their impact upon us a little heavier, the ripples spreading wider when your circle is so damn small.

For teenager David Kewish, a minor accident that is so ill timed, it is the definition of cruel....and a single act of compassion towards a young gull are what begin the ripple effect, sending his life into a downward spiral that ends in madness.

This was a stunning tale of dark fiction and psychological horror, at turns subtle, at others jawdropping in intensity.

Stephen Gregory is an author to watch.

Highly recommended for fans of quiet, literary horror.

Special thanks to Anna Jean Hughes and The Pigeonhole for the opportunity to read and review this incredible book.