Plague of the Manitou by Graham Masterton

Plague of the Manitou: A 'Manitou' Horror Novel (Harry Erksine) - Graham Masterton

Harry Erskine is back in this, the latest installment of the Manitou series. One of the most engaging protagonists in horror, Harry has his hands full when Misquamacus subcontracts out his mission of vengence to his sons, wonder workers in their own right, and a Christian plague demon, to unleash bio-terror upon the descendants of those who wiped out the Native American nation.

Masterton's signature blend of sex, horror and humor are in fine form here, along with a solid foundation in the nastier moments in human history, raising this series above the standard of the sub-genre.

Although Misquamacus's sons lack dear old dad's bloody singlemindedness and personality, and the tale lacks some of the edge of the earlier books, this is still a fast, fun read.

Highly recommended.


Expected publication: August 1st 2015 by Severn House Publishers

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