Stained by Lee Thomas

Stained - Lee Thomas


A stranger can lurk behind the eyes of someone you know.

The mask of a friendly face can hide a serial killer.

In a small Louisiana town, when the killer known as the River Rat is finally captured, that fact will rock a community.

But what lurks behind the mask of a serial killer?

For the terror has not ended. Something is loose out there. Something that can hide in plain sight. Something old. Something with a hunger for blood and screams.

Thomas' debut novel, and Bram Stoker Award winner, is a taut, fast-paced supernatural tale that expands on a concept from the classic short story by Robert Bloch: "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper", and deftly surpasses the source material, creating an excellent example of small town horror/thriller that delivers it's share of both thrills and chills.

Highly recommended.