Through a Mirror, Darkly by Kevin Lucia

Through a Mirror, Darkly - Kevin Lucia


When the owner of Arcane Delights, a rare and used bookstore, uncovers a mysterious journal, he learns some dark secrets about his hometown of Clifton Heights.
Much like Charles L. Grant's The Orchard, this collection of four novellas disguised as a novel by the wrap-around story of Arcane Delights.
And the similarity does not end there. For Clifton Heights shares "unreal estate" with Grant's Oxrun Station, another small town where shadows lurk.
Lucia writes the same quiet, lingering horror that Grant was the master of, and he does the master proud here. And if that wasn't enough, he also invokes Robert W. Chambers' King in Yellow, creating a heady concoction of the cosmic and the quiet that is nothing short of brilliant.
Subtle and disturbing, these tales will haunt your dreams for many nights to come.

Highest possible recommendation. I plan on reading everything Mr. Lucia writes. Clifton Heights is calling, and I find I must return.

Join me.