Things Slip Through by Kevin Lucia

Things Slip Through - Kevin Lucia


Welcome to Clifton Heights, where the Tuesday night poker game has been interrupted when the sheriff asks his friends the question that has been plaguing him....what exactly is going on in his new home town?
Gavin, once a published author and now unofficial keeper of the town's dark secrets, invites the sheriff to the Skylark Diner, where what he seeks will be revealed in the pages of a journal.

The sheriff will get his answer tonight.....that there are some things in this world you can't explain.

A brilliant collection of tales, forged into a single, and singular work of quiet horror, stories within stories expand outward, offering answers that invite the questions that will keep readers up long into the night.

Lucia's writing is pitch perfect. Masterfully creepy and subtle, his portrait of a small town, both the good and the bad, is spot-on, laying a solid foundation of reality for the otherness that lurks in the shadows.

Highest possible recommendation.