Devourer of Souls by Kevin Lucia

Devourer of Souls - Kevin Lucia


Welcome to Clifton Heights. A quiet little town where the shadows gather

.......from the far flung jungles of Viet Nam, where the horrors of war spawned a hate that forces two boys to play an ancient game of Fate and supernatural vengeance called SOPHAN... the neighboring town of Tahawus, a God fearing little burg where the populace falls sway to a faith healer who promises miracles at an unspeakable price, and the young son of the town's pastor whose denial of his own faith is strong enough to reveal what lies beneath the false face of THE MAN IN YELLOW...

This is quiet horror at it's best, subtle and unsettling. It lingers in your waking hours, and transports you back to Clifton Heights in your nightmares.

Kevin Lucia is, without a doubt, the heir apparent to the legacy of the late Charles L. Grant.....a master at weaving tales of whispers and shadows...the chill touch of night fog and the sound of the wind in the eaves.