Worlds of Hurt by Brian Hodge

Worlds of Hurt - Brian Hodge


In Worlds of Hurt, Brian Hodge, horror's "green thumb", has entered the garden where the myth trees grow, and from among the roots of many legends, he has cultivated his own tree, one that has borne very strange fruit...the Misbegotten Mythos.
Woven into the history of our world, these collected tales are visceral yet illuminating, for Mr. Hodge has offered up something deep, dark and brutal in it's honesty.
For his demons.....are purely human.
Appetites without remorse, without empathy, without conscience. Unleashed from the bonds of mortality by something unspeakable, but human all the same.
Raw, powerful and purely "Hodgian".....this collection is highly recommended for those who like their horror deep, literary, and as wet as wet can be.