The Return of Reclusive Reads

Let's face it....2015 was not a banner year for me on the reading and reviewing front. I started out with my usual boyish exuberance, diving into my TBR pile like a fat kid into a pool full of Milk Duds. But, somewhere along the line, I stumbled. Began doubting my abilities as a reviewer, losing my enthusiasm for the one true joy in my life. The stumble became an uncontrolled skid. Juggling two jobs, marathon insomnia and family issues, my concentration suffered.....and the skid became a full blown train wreck. I couldn't give the books the attention they deserved.....and there is no greater sin than that.

Things slowly got back to as close to normal as they ever were in the asylum that is my life over the last few weeks, and I started picking through the wreckage, catching up on the reviews I had let slip through my fingers. I'm haven't cleared all the debris yet, but I've made some headway, and will continue to do so. The books, and their authors are worth my best efforts.

Which brings us to 2016, and the reason for this little confession......Reclusive Reads is back in the game. And I'm asking for my followers assistance to help me raise the bar back where it belongs.
If there is something I've done that you like, let me know. And if I do something that you hate, give me a shout. If there is anything you'd like to see from me, let me know. I'm open to suggestions from one and all.

Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year!