Submerged by Thomas F. Monteleone

Submerged - Caniglia, Thomas F. Monteleone


In the final days of World War II, an experimental submarine, the U-5001 slips out of the sub pens of Trondheim under the cover of's mission secret, sinister and potentially suicidal.

70 years later, ex-Navy diver Dexter McCauley and his friends stumble upon an unknown vessel in the depths of Chesapeake Bay.

When Dexter tries to unravel the secret behind the mysteriously scuttled submarine, he contacts his old associates in the US Navy.......inadvertently attracting the attention of a secret, world spanning cabal that knows all about the U-5001, it's secret mission.....and suspects that it holds the key to even greater secrets.....secrets that suggest that Lovecraft's mythos may not have been a fever dream....and will stop at nothing to obtain them.

No one writes like Thomas F. Monteleone, expertly blending history fact and fiction with a subtle dose of the supernatural, and engaging, fully formed characters, into a perfectly paced retro thriller that raise the bar for the sub-genre.

Highly recommended.

Expected publication: March 1st 2016 by Samhain Publishing Ltd.

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