A Coin For Charon by Dallas Mullican

A Coin for Charon (Marlowe Gentry Book 1) - Dallas Mullican


Seraphim: a serial killer, who believes he has been chosen to free the suffering from their pain, is on a random rampage of unspeakable mercy killings.
Marlowe Gentry: a detective who had his life, family and career shattered by another serial killer, and is struggling to gather the pieces back together as he seeks redemption through revenge by proxy.
Been there, done that, right?
Yes, but not like this. Not by a long shot.
Mullican's debut thriller raises the bar on the genre, populated by a cast of characters, major and minor......the good, the bad, and the completely psycho, that the reader can connect with on an empathic level. Hell, even the Seraphim is disturbingly human, three dimensional and accessible on an emotional level....a unique quality among fictional serial killers, who are generally one dimensional screwballs with a catchy hook, and the real ones, who usually have the personalities of linoleum.
Combine this with a solid police procedural, a dash of "good cop gone rogue", psychological thriller and just a whisper of an "otherness" that is reminiscent of John Connolly, and you wind up with a novel that is a cut above the pack.
It don't get much better than that.

Dallas Mullican is an author to watch, and I am anxiously anticipating his next book.

Many thanks to my esteemed colleague, Nev Murray (Confessions of a Reviewer) for the recommendation.