Little By Little by John R. Little

Little by Little - John R. Little


No one writes like John R. Little, and this collection is a monumental testament to his talent, his versatility and his sheer literary power.
What is unique about this collection, which gathers some of his finest short stories, is the emotions that moves them all.....


Rarely has a writer worked the dark side of fiction touched on this emotion in so many ways, and with such immense impact. John's writing will leave you an emotional wreck. He wrings out your soul, and breaks your heart.

He brought me to tears, and that just doesn't happen. Ever.
John R. Little is that damn good. Hell, scratch that....John is one of the best.

Each of these tales is a perfect gem, and each is worth the price of admission on there own.
But, wait......there's more.
For within this amazing collection is the novella MIRANDA, winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Long Fiction (2008)....the crown jewel of this literary treasure trove.....a stunningly powerful tale that will linger with readers for the rest of their lives.

Get your copy now, along with everything John's written or will write.
You can thank me later.

Highest possible recommendation.