Redemption Road by John Hart

Redemption Road - John Hart


A boy with a gun waits for the man who killed his mother.

A troubled detective confronts her past in the aftermath of a brutal shooting.

After thirteen years in prison, a good cop walks free as deep in the forest, on the altar of an abandoned church, a body cools in pale linen…

These are the first pieces in the stunning mosaic that is John Hart's long awaited new novel Redemption Road ....
And that is an oversimplification, for each individual piece is part of it's own mosaic. A complex, rich and textured tale in and of itself. Fuel enough for several novels. But this is a John Hart thriller. Each mosaic is a mosaic piece of it's own, each a tale that fits into the whole in myriad ways, for what each portrays is not what it appears.....
Absorbing, complex and literary, this is a thinking reader's thriller....Hart's writing is pitch perfect and mesmerizing, the pacing is flawless and his characters are human to the core, possessing depths, secrets and denials that ring true.
Truly a masterwork by one of the best in the business.

Highest possible recommendation.

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