The Woman in the Woods by John Connolly

The Woman in the Woods - John Connolly

When a tree falls in the Great North Woods, revealing the mummified body of a woman who apparently died in childbirth, it does more than make a tolls a death knell whose echoes reach far beyond the poor soul nestled in it's roots.
The discovery of the body moves lawyer Moxie Castin to an act of decency...hiring Charlie Parker to discover who this woman was, and to find her child.
Not the simplest of assignments, but Charlie could use something to occupy his mind, as Angel lies fighting for his life in a hospital bed, and Louis contemplates losing not only his lover, but the last shreds of his humanity.

Little does Charlie know that shadows are gathering.....a small boy is terrorized by a voice coming from his toy phone in the dead of night, beckoning him into the woods....and a couple who seek the lost woman for other reasons; he, a dapper killer who claims to be older than he appears, searching for something that will end his existence; her, a lethal sociopath who leaves the scent of corruption wherever she goes.
They're on the trail too, leaving pain and death in their wake.

This one had me considering mortality, my own and that of others, from many viewpoints.

Connolly only gets better and better, the proof of this is not only in the longevity of the series, but the fact that his characters evolve naturally as time passes, growing older, but aging well.

Highly recommended.