The Surgeon's Mate: A Dismemoir by Alan M. Clark

The Surgeon's Mate: A Dismemoir - Alan M. Clark

When artist and author Aiden, already struggling with his own demons, contracts a brain infection, his life becomes a nightmare as he finds his mind invaded by a malignancy from across time and space.......a damaged maniac named Frederick living in 1800's London. As awareness of each other grows, the serial killer revels in sharing his crimes with Aiden, striking in the shadow cast by London's other monster....Jack the Ripper.
As Aiden battles to free his mind, his terror grows as Frederick's insanity begins seeping into his life, endangering his family.
Clark blends autobiography with the historical, fictional and factual, and psychological thriller, creating a unique piece of dark fiction that is powerfully emotional, at turns heartbreaking and horrifying.
Highly recommended.