Painted by Kirsten McKenzie

PAINTED: A Horror Novel - Kirsten McKenzie

When art appraiser Anita Cassatt arrives at the mansion of the late Leo Kubin, a reclusive painter and art collector, she finds paintings on every wall of nearly every room.
Undaunted, she begins cataloguing, alone, until her associates arrive in a few days.

But there are a few things she doesn't know about this seemingly straightforward assignment.

Leo Kubin left very specific instructions concerning how the paintings are to be handled with his attorney....who has passed away, leaving his law offices in the hands of his son. Who has higher aspirations than the final wishes of senile old recluses. He dismisses the instructions as a waste of money and time, never informing Anita.

Who may not actually be alone in that house....

Kirsten McKenzie has written an atmospheric tale that feeds off that unsettling feeling many get when surrounded by portraits....that sense of being watched, and delivers a solid modern Gothic ghost story. Definitely an author to watch.

This was an e-ARC from Netgalley.