Evil Whispers by Owl Goingback

Evil Whispers - Owl Goingback

A group of Seminole warriors raid a village of runaway slaves to put an end to an insane bokor who has been sacrificing their children for his twisted voodoo rituals.....scattering his remains in the dark waters of the Florida swamps.

His evil should have ended there.

But, over a century later, a family of tourists will arrive at the Blackwater Fishing Camp on vacation, and inadvertently unleash the spirit of Mansa Du Paul....and transform their little girl into the vessel that will gather his bones together so that he may walk among the living again.

Only one lone Seminole, Jimmy Cypress, a former warrior who turned to the path of the medicine man in order to watch over the final resting place of Mansa Du Paul and contain his evil, knows what has broken loose in Blackwater. But will the ways of his people be enough to stop the growing powers of a voodoo priest whose powers have been growing in the dark waters of the swamp....and save the life of a little girl whose blood may be the key to his resurrection?

Goingback writes a fast paced horror novel that delivers the chills, and a native's view of all the different versions of Florida that exist....from the Kingdom of the Rat that is Disney's legacy ( I'm still laughing at that phrase), to the darker side of the state and the problems brought by the locusts known as tourists......and then raising the bar with a festering supernatural evil that lurks in places where one least expects it.

Highly recommended.