Creed by James Herbert

Creed - James Herbert

A photographer lives for that one shot. The picture that's worth a thousand words.
Joe Creed is a paparazzo. He lives for that one shot. Sadly, his involves celebrities caught with their pants down. Preferably literally.
The shot he gets, while in the right place at the wrong time, thrusts him into a waking nightmare.

Reading like the unholy offspring of "Dirty Jobs" and "Tales from the Crypt" on speed, the horror is unrelenting, as Herbert keeps the creepy factor on high, while managing to blend in a healthy dose of dark humor (including one of the most hysterically shameless bits of author self promotion ever committed to paper).
This one has it all: from a mysterious maniac who was hanged before World War II, the original Nosferatu, shape-shifting succubi, a killer toilet, costume parties in loony bins, a grinning cat, the legacy of Aleister Crowley, guest appearances by Jack Nicholson and Princess Fergie, plus so much more!

A rollicking, retro romp of a horror novel that reminds me of how much fun the genre was back in the 80s.

Highly recommended!