The Hauntings of Hood Canal by Jack Cady

The Hauntings of Hood Canal - Jack Cady

Jack Cady was a natural born storyteller, his voice both down to earth and wonderfully lyrical, weaving a dark tale of how a single violent act can send ripples through the lives of those both directly and indirectly involved. Ripples that ultimately draw the attention of a supernatural force.
His characters are characters, in the best possible sense, the kind of loveable eccentrics one finds in out of the way places, the odd ones who make their own way in the world, with their own crosses to bear, as whispered secrets and suspicions swirl about them like the currents of the canal whose darkest secret looms over them all.
The narrative moves at it's own easy pace, one that any reader will find themselves matching, to best savor the story as it unfolds.
This is Dark Fiction at it's finest, a barroom tale told by a master, slowly weaving his magic in a spell of words that will call you back, again and again, to hear more.

Highest possible recommendation.