The Elementals By Michael McDowell

The Elementals - Michael McDowell

Three houses. Isolated on a spit of land along the Gulf Coast of Alabama known as Beldame. Two are occupied in season. One is abandoned, slowly being swallowed up by the ever-shifting dunes. But far from empty. For within the shifting sands, something stirs.
This book is a masterpiece of Southern Gothic. An atmospheric, sun-drenched sojourn into horror that matches pace to place, a laconic stroll through the hazy, lazy days of summer, populated by the kind of eccentrics you only find below the Mason/Dixon Line. The dialogue has that authentic Southern twang, with healthy servings of pecan pie level nuttiness that will set you giggling. And through it all, the sibilance of shifting sand will chill you to the bone.

Kudos to Valancourt Books for returning this lost masterwork of Quiet Horror back into print.